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March 13, 2019: Chicago chef Trevor Teich is raising money on Kickstarter to turn his pop-up restaurant, CLAUDIA, into a brick and permanent brick and mortar location

A search for Teich on LinkedIn in March 2019 yielded 3,229 listings, of which 131 were companies including Pizza Teich (in France) and Glas Teich (in Germany).

Teichs on the Wall -- a search for Teich on the index to the American Immigrant Wall of Honor yields 136 results, including Teicher, Teichman, Teichberg as well as Teich.

 Aarin Teich.  is a Canadian actor born in 1961. He is a brother of Laire Teich, listed below.  

Aaron Teich is Global Mobility Services Manager in PriceWaterhouseCooper's (PwC) People and Organization Practice in McLean, Viriginia. He's a graduate of Virginia Tech.

Aaron Teich is a holistic healer and life coach with offices on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. He practices a range of complementary health techniques, including acupuncture and yoga.

Alan H. Teich is Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown.  His research focuses on responses and reactions to pain, cognitive style, social functions, and health in young adolescents from divorces parents. 

Alan William Teich is Sarbanes-Oxley project manager for Intuit in Reno, NV.  He also teaches at Truckee Meadows Community College. Originally from New York, he received his MBA degree from the University of Florida.  He's interested in information about the Teich family that went through Ellis Island and subsequently lived in The Bronx.

Albert Teich (deceased) is listed as operator of a creamery in Navan (Jefferson County) Wisconsin on p. 269 of the 1895 Report of the Wisconsin Dairy and Food Commissioner.  The report is available as a PDF from the University of Wisconsin library.  (I believe this should receive the title of most obscure Teich on the web.)

Albert H. (Al) Teich. Research Professor of Science, Technology & International Affairs, Center for International Science & Technology Policy, George Washington University, Washington, DC (and creator of this page).  To suggest an addition, removal of a name, or a correction, please use the contact form on this site.

Albert Teich, Jr. and Lillian Christine Borleis were married in September 1961 and are listed on AnneKaelber's Genealogy Research site together with their children, Albert Teich III and Lillian Mellisa Teich.  Deceased, October 24, 2010.  (Obituary)

Alex Teich is a math teacher and graphic designer with a degree from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. He lives in Houston, Texas. 

Alexander Teich was a star fullback on Navy’s football team during his four years at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD.  He is currently Gulf Coast Representative for GapVax, Inc., maker of custom built industrial vacuum truck in Houston, Texas.

Alice S. Teich, M.D., sister of Margaret Teich (listed below), practices family medicine in Bronx, New York. She is a graduate of the University of South Carolina Medical School.

Allan Teich is an IT specialist at the St. Cloud, Minnesota, Veterans Affairs Health Care System and, judging by the content of his Facebook page, he's an avid fisherman.

Allison Teich McGowan, together with her husband, JJ McGowan, operates two brick-and-mortar stores in New York City's West Village, a toy and book store and a gift shop featuring sustainable, locally designed and domestically manufactured merchandise jewelry. These items and more are featured on their web site

Aly Teich is founder and host of The Sweat Life, a weekly web series and online magazine "designed to help you find your healthiest life." A native of New York City, she graduated from the University of Wisconsin and worked in television and media before focusing on health and wellness.

Rev. Andreas Teich is pastor at the Messiah Lutheran Church in Bay City, Michigan.  He completed his seminary education at Christ Seminary, St;. Louis and the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago. He serves as Chairman of the Board of Bay Special Care Hospital, Bay Musical Arts and the Pardee Cancer Treatment Fund of Bay County. 

Andrew C. (Andy) Teich is lead director of Resideo in Austin, Texas, a global provider of home comfort and security systems. He is former president and CEO of FLIR Systems in Portland, Oregon. FLIR Systems, Inc. He is a graduate of Arizona State University, attended Harvard Business School, and holds many patents, mainly on imaging, cameras, and methods.

Andrew F. Teich is Assistant Professor of Pathology & Cell Biology at the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center at Columbia University and Co-Director of the New York Brain Bank.

Ann Teich is a member of the Austin (Texas) Independent School District Board representing District 3. She received her B.A. from Southwestern University and attended graduate school at University of Texas-Austin. She is married to Randy Teich, see below. She was a language arts teacher at Porter Middle School (now the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders) for 27 years.

Anne Teich is academic affairs manager at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. She is a practitioner of Theravada Buddhism and co-editor of Blooming in the Desert:  Favorite Teachings of the Wildflower Monk Taungpulu Sayadaw

Annie Galvin Teich is founder, president and CEO of The Teich Group, a firm in Greensboro, North Carolina, that offers strategic marketing, sales, and communication strategies for companies that contribute to K-12 education.

Ashley Corbin-Teich is a storyteller and visual artist in Los Angeles. She attended Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts, has taught at the International Center of Photography in New York and interned with Mary Ellen Mark. In addition to her website, she can also be found on Instagram.

Autohaus Teich GMBH of Daimlerstrasse 12, Cloppenburg, Germany, is a large automobile dealership that handles Citroen, Peugeot, Opel, and Toyota.

Babo Teich is Owner/Agent of Teich Properties, LLC, in Bandera, Texas, specializing in farm and ranch properties. 

Benjamin C. (Ben) Teich is a trial attorney at the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of the U.S. Trustee in Newark, New Jersey. He was placed in that position through the Department's honors program. He received his B.S. and M.S. from Bentley University and his J.D. from George Washington University

Calvin Avery Teich is a high school student in a small town in central Ohio, and my oldest grandchild.

Carol Teich Ackerman (formerly Cinquemani) holds an M.S. in Healthcare Administration/Public Policy from New York Medical College. She is a daughter of Stanley Teich (listed below).

Charlie Teich is my youngest grandchild and one of the two cutest kids in southeastern Wisconsin – and most likely in the whole state.

Clifford Teich is a physician who lives in Bloomingburg, NY, in the Catskill Mountains recently left his private practice and joined Middletown Medical. Dr. Teich has been described as one of the Hudson Valley's quintessential "country doctors.

Craig Teich is Executive Vice President, Sales and Business Development for Connexity. He's a graduate of the University of Michigan and lives in New York City.

Curt Otto Teich (1877 - 1974), who immigrated to the United States from Lobenstein, Germany, in 1896, founded the Curt Teich Company of Chicago, which operated from 1898 to 1978 as the world's largest printer of view and advertising postcards.  The Curt Teich Postcard Archives are located at the Lake County Discovery Museum in Wauconda, Illinois, near Chicago.

Dan Teich is a veterinarian at the District Veterinary Hospital in Washington, DC. He holds a DVM from Ohio State University and has served as medical director for the Washington Humane Society.  He is the brother of Seth Teich, listed below, and the son of Wally (listed below) and Edna Teich.  

Daniel S. Teich was convicted of fire-bombing the “House of Democracy” in Zossen, Germany, in 2010, according to an article in Der Spiegel.  He is described as a neo-Nazi, “a hardened criminal with a history of theft, burglary, and assault.”

David Teich is a computer graphics artist specializing in 3-D modeling and animation. 

David E. Teich, Major AUS (Retired), is listed as a contributor to the Korean War Project Roll of Honor.

David E. Teich is an attorney with offices in Wellesley, MA.  He attended New York Law School and is the son of Stanley J. Teich (below).  

David Lamme Teich operated Lammes Candies in Austin, Texas (a family business founded in 1878 and once lost in a poker game). He passed away in 2004 and the business is now owned and operated by his three children, Pam, Bryan, and Lana.

David Lee Teich is the only Teich whose name appears on the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, DC.  (Scroll down on the linked page to find his name.)  He was Spec4 in the Army from Pine City, Minnesota.  He was born January 12, 1949 in Pine City and died November 14, 1969 in Long Khanh, Vietnam.  

Diana G. Teich is on the staff of the Information Technology Department at Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, L. I., New York.  She received a "Spotlight Award" from the lab in 2013.

Donna Mary Teich (Dodson) is the daughter of Quintin Comet Teich, so named because he was the 5th child and he was born in the year of Halley's Comet.  Quintin's parents were Gustavus and Anna Teich. Gustavus is on the Ellis Island wall (see the link at the top of this page); Quintin was born in Bancroft, Nebraska.  Donna was born in 1929 and has two children, one in L.A., the other in Charlotte, North Carolina, where she also lives. 

Douglas Teich, M.D., is a radiologist affiliated with Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, MA. He received his MD from Stanford University and has been in practice for at least 20 years.

Elena Teich graduated from the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point in 2001. She is a forester with the Department of Natural Resources in Wadena, Minnesota.

Elke Teich. Senior Researcher at Universität des Saarlandes, Inst. of Applied Linguistics, Translating and Interpreting, Dept. of English Linguistics and Translation Science, Saarbrücken, Germany. 
E-mail: teich@darmstadt.gmd.de

According to an article in the May 28, 2010 New Britain (Connecticut) Herald (now behind the newspaper’s pay wall), Ernest L. Teich designed the locks at Fort Knox, as well as at the U.S. Supreme Court, the Empire State Building, and many other prominent structures. One of his patents can be found here.

Eva Teich is an European artist with a background in fashion design.

Evan Teich.*  Assistant to the Village Manager, Vernon Hills, Illinois.   E-mail: evant@vhills.org

Frank Teich (1856-1939). Sculptor and stonecutter. Born in Lobenstein, Germany.  In 1901 he opened Teich Monumental Works two miles from Llano. Teich was responsible for, or worked on, many monuments throughout Texas and other states, many of them Confederate monuments in the southern states. (Handbook of Texas Online)

Gasthaus Teich is a restaurant in Silbertal, Austria.

Gudrun Teich is an artist who runs X ObjectSpace, a multimedia laboratory in Düsseldorf, Germany.  Some of her works are available on the web at 235 Media, including "The Conversation," "Dolled Up," and "The Attraction of Things".

Hayley Teich teaches math in the Newton, Massachusetts, public schools. She has a master’s degree in education from Harvard.

Henry E. Teich* is an attorney with Grimes & Teich in Asheville, NC.  E-mail: teich@grimesandteich.com

Howard Teich.  President of the New York Metropolitan Region of the American Jewish Congress.

Ira B. Teich of Toronto, Canada, is an advisor on strategy development and market innovation and CEO and founder of the Teich Group, "a consultancy that develops innovative break-away ideas, pragmatic strategy and compelling Brands - assisting companies to acquire and retain customers." 

Dr. Irene Teich, GmbH,* Institute for Learning Organization, Neumarkt, Germany.

Irwin Teich retired as president and CEO of Fleet Capital, the secured lending subsidiary of FleetBoston Financial, in June 2001.  A graduate of Roosevelt University, he served as the president of the Commercial Finance Association, the industry's leading trade organization, in 1997, and Chairman in 1998. He lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

Itamar Teich is a sales associate with Re/Max Commercial Focus, Inc., a real estate firm in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Jack Teich* of New York, a member of the Friars Club, was presented with the Friars Foundation Lifetime Achievement Applause Award.

Jan Teich is an advertising sales contact for promotions with ABC Radio in New York.  E-mail: Jan.Teich@abc.com

Jay S. Teich is CEO of Seahorse Bioscience, Inc.

Jeff Teich. Associate Professor of Management, College of Business Administration & Economics, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, New Mexico, and a member of the Pine City, Minnesota, Teich "clan" -- probably the largest extended Teich family in the U.S. 
E-mail: jteich@nmsu.edu

Jennifer Teich is website coordinator at Oxfam America.  E-mail: jennifer_teich@hotmail.com.

Jessica Teich* is a journalist and filmmaker living in Los Angeles.  Her new book, Trees Make the Best Mobiles (with Brandel France de Bravo) suggests "simple ways to raise your child in a complex world."  She's also acknowledged in the preface of Steve Martin's book, Pure Drivel.

Jon M. Teich is president of J.M. Teich & Associates in Park Ridge, Illinois.  E-mail:jmteich(at)yahoo.com.  Brother of Paul A. Teich (see below).

Jonathan M. Teich.* MD, PhD, is corporate director for clinical systems research and development at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, as well as an attending physician there.  He is featured in "Do No Harm," by Amy Sitze, an article about reducing medical errors in the March 2001 issue of Online Learning Magazine. E-mail: jteich@partners.org.

Jonathan Teich is information systems manager in Housing & Dining at Columbia University.  He lives in New York with his wife Jennifer Eliasi-Teich who is an R.D. with an M.S. in Human Nutrtion and now works as a biotech sales representative.  His brothers Dan and Seth appear elsewhere on this page.  E-mail: jt2156@columbia.edu

Judith Teich, MSW, is a social science consultant in North Bethesda, Maryland. She was formerly with the Center for Mental Health Services, in the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) in Rockville, Maryland. 

Julie Teich is the contact person for inquiries coming from outside the U.S. and Canada for Key3Media, Inc., which is putting on Comdex 2004 in Saudia Arabia.  E-mail: julie.teich@key3media.com.

Julio Teich, a sculptor who was born and studied in Argentina and lived in Richmond, Virginia, is, sadly, deceased.  His works survive in a number of places, including the atrium of the National Science Foundation building in Arlington, VA, as well as online.  Julio's name was originally Teichberg, but he used Teich for his art.  He was a descendant of Ralph Teichberg, whose name appears on the "Teichs on the Wall" photo linked at the top of this page.

Jürgen Teich.* Professor of Electrical Engineering and Chair of the Computer Engineering Laboratory, University of Paderborn, Germany.  E-mail: teich@date.uni-paderborn.de

Staff Sgt. Karen Teich of the U.S. Army's 84th Medical Detachment in Fort Carson, Colorado, was interviewed on the PBS Newshour as her combat stress unit was preparing for duty in Bosnia in December 1995.

Karsten Teich is an illustrator of children's books. He studied art at the Academy of Arts in Kassel, Germany, and lives with his family in Berlin.

Ken Teich.  Supervising land surveyor in the Geodetic Section of the Office of the County Surveyor, Riverside County, California.  E-mail: kteich@co.riverside.ca.us (Note:  This is not my son Ken Teich, who formerly lived in Southern California.)

Kenneth J. Teich,* originally from Long Island, New York, now lives in San Francisco, reports that he works with computers and plays with music.  Ken and Molly Persons are getting married in July 2001.Some samples of Ken's music can be found on mp3.com.  E-mail: ken@teichnology.com.

Kevin Teich is a software engineer at CorTechs in Charlestown, Massachusetts. 
E-mail: kevinteich@mac.com.

Kim Teich is a stylist with Team, the Agency, Inc., in Massachusetts.  Team represents hair and makeup artists, wardrobe and prop stylists, and producers and location scouts who work with photographers on editorial, advertising, and broadcast campaigns.

Kim Teich* is the noon anchor on WWNC-AM 570 in Asheville, NC.  A 1983 graduate of St. Andrews College in Laurinburg, North Carolina, she interned at a Japanese television station.  She is the wife of Henry (Hank) Teich, listed above.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Teich* is a computer scientist at the Munich University of Applied Sciences in Germany.  E-mail: klaus.teich@fhm.edu.

Laire Teich lives in Toronto, Canada.  He is semi-retired after a career in the corporate world. 

Laura Teich is with the Bank of Montreal. 

Laurent Teich (b. July 17, 1967) is a dentist in Brussels.  His father, Jean David Teich (b. July 16, 1935), was also a dentist in Brussels, and his grandfather, Jonsz Teich, came from Przemysl, Poland.  E-mail: laurentteich@tiscalinet.be.

Liz Teich is a fashion stylist living in Brooklyn.  She has styled well-known people ranging from Mike Tyson to Bill Nye the Science Guy. She has appeared on morning shows on Fox and NBC as a style and beauty expert. 

Lois Teich is looking for information about the Teich family of Watertown, Wisconsin, and Pine City, Minnesota on Genealogy.com.  E-mail:  loist5351@aol.com.

Madelyn Elise Teich, my granddaughter, was born to Ken and Sara Teich on March 13, 2004.

Malvin C. Teich.* Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering/Biomedical Engineering, Depts. of Electrical and Computer Engineering/Biomedical Engineering, Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts. E-mail: teich@bu.edu

Margaret Teich is the daughter of Henry E. (Hank) Teich of Asheville, NC (listed on this page) and theneice of Steve Emery Teich of San Francisco (also listed here).  She is a student at the University of North Carolina, majoring in Spanish and Economics.  E-mail:  marteich@email.unc.edu.

Mark A. Teich. CSP, Corporate Safety Coach, GPU Generation Company, Ligonier, Pennsylvania. E-mail:mteich@westol.com

Mark W. and Gretchen Teich are president and secretary, respectively, of the New Hampshire Bridge Association. E-mail for both: nhba150@yahoo.com

Marlina Teich.  Teaches 5th grade at Miraloma School in San Francisco, California.

Matthew J. Teich is a certified financial analyst currently with AllianceBernstein L.P. in San Francisco. He is married to Kelly Ryan.

Maurice Teich (1904-1968) was my father.  In honor of what would have been his 100th birthday in 2004, I created a web site that tells his life story in pictures.  Included on the site are photos of his descendants - me, my sister, our children, and my grandchildren.

Melanie (Melle) Teich.* Feldkirchen Westerham, Germany, describes herself as an "18-year-old girl from a little sleepy village in south Germany," which has "more cows than houses." She has a cute home page (in German) and has a collection of fantasy art on a site called "Elfwood" in Sweden.  E-mail: melle_teich@t-online.de.

Michael Teich.  Director of Business Development at Internet television network, Pseudo, in New York.  E-mail: teich@pseudo.com

Michael Teich* is a senior at the State University of New York at New Paltz studying computer engineering.  He is the son of Frederick Teich, CEO of I. Teich, Inc., a general contractor in New York City.  E-mail:  teich06@newpaltz.edu.

Mikolas Teich. Hon. Prof., Institute for Technology and Society, Technical University of Vienna, Austria.

Mitch Teich.* Executive Producer of the weekday magazine program Lake Effect on WUWM, public radio in Milwaukee.  Mitch's adventures during the great Northeast ice storm of January 1998 (when he was working for North Country Public Radio in upstate New York are chronicled in Wired.  You can follow him on Twitter at www.twitter.com/mcteich.

Morton Teich, MD.  An allergist in New York City.

Nathaniel Teich.* Professor of English, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon.  E-mail: nateich@oregon.uoregon.edu

Natali Rachael Teich* is a graduating senior at Belle Vernon Area High School is Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania.  She enjoys partying, hanging out with friends and skiing.

Natalie Teich is a microbiologist with a Ph.D. from the University of Rochester School of Medicine. She is the author of many publications in the area of cancer research. Currently living in England, she ispresident of the Cornell Club of London. E-mail: teich@mail.btinternet.com

Niels Teich MD* is a member of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Leipzig, Germany.  He has a long list of publications, mostly related to diabetes and the diseases of the pancreas.  His e-mail address can be found on linked page.

Nichole Teich* is a reporter with KSHB-TV, NBC 41 in Kansas City, Missouri.

Oren Teich.* Works in engineering/marketing in Mountain View, California. 
E-mail: oren@teich.net

Deacon Paul A. Teich of Greensboro, North Carolina, is a permanent deacon (retired) of the Catholic Diocese of Charlotte, North Carolina.  He is married to Annie Galvin Teich.  They have two grown sons: Matthew Jon and Patrick Bernard (listed above).  He is the brother of Jon M. Teich (above).  E-mail:DeaconPaul(at)triad.rr.com.

Paul F. Teich.* Professor, New England School of Law, Boston, Massachusetts.

Peggy Teich. A crafter from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, who makes primitive hand-hooked rugs that have "subtle colorations and could pass for authentic antiques in every detail except lack of wear."

Phillip Teich is the author of a science fiction short story entitled, "Beings of Game P-U." The story is included in the anthology, Orbit 19, edited by Damon Knight (Harper & Row, 1977).

Richard M. Teich is Executive Vice President at SmarTalk TeleServices in Dublin, Ohio.  His listing on Forbes.com provides a variety of personal information.

Robert Teich is a city councilman in Owosso, Michigan.

Robert S. Teich is president of Software Teknovations, Inc., a recently-established software technology consulting firm in Arlington, VA.  He and his wife Mindi have two children, Maxwell (b. May 8, 2004) and Hayley Elizabeth (b. January 10, 2006).  E-mail:  rsteich@yahoo.com

Roger Teich and John Starr co-directed "Stealing Altitude," a 1990 student film about the sport of "base jumping" (parachuting from fixed objects, such as skyscrapers) that won several awards.

Rudor (Dori) Teich.* Electronic product development consultant in West Orange, New Jersey. 
E-mail:  dteich@rmtai.com

Sandy Teich lives in Coconut Creek, Florida and was quoted in an article on homeowners insurance in the Sun-Sentinel.

Samantha Teich is a calligrapher and creative professional in New York. She works on calligraphy and lettering projects for private, corporate and commercial clients, hosts regular calligraphy workshops, and executes live events with brands like J.Crew, Everlane, sweetgreen, TNT, Topshop, Dolce & Gabbana, Saks Fifth Avenue, and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Saramae Teich, is president of thermoSac, the Phoenix, Arizona.  Her firm has developed a soft, folding water bowl for a cat or dog that attaches to a water bottle carrier.  The innovation is listed on a site devoted to "Totally Useless Travel Gifts."

Seth Teich is with Apex Capital, a hedge fund, in Orinda, California.

Stanley J. Teich is an attorney in New City (Rockland County), New York.  (You'll have to use your browser's "find in page" function to find his listing on this long and poorly-organized page.) 

Stephanie Teich-McGoldrick is an engineering major at Michigan State University. 

Stephen M. Teich is a cardiologist in Abington, Pennsylvania, where he has lived since 1983 following a two-year cardiology fellowship at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. 

Steve Teich.* Coordinator for Outreach Services, Biomedical Information Communication Center, Oregon Health Sciences University, Portland, Oregon. 
E-mail: teich@ohsu.edu

Steve Emery Teich of San Francisco is member of the Criminal Trial Lawyers Association of Northern California.

Steven Teich, MD is a pediatric surgeon at Columbus (Ohio) Children's Hospital.  His MD is from the State University of New York at Buffalo and he has been on the staff at Children's since 1990.

Suzette Teich, daughter of Albert (Al) Teich (not the Al Teich who created this page) is descended from the branch of the Teich family that came to The Bronx, NY, through Ellis Island (Benjamin and Ray Teich), then moved to Wilkes Barre, PA, in the late 1920s. 

Sylvi Teich is the daughter of Mitch & Gretchen Teich and my granddaughter. She’s an honor student and a competitive bicycle racer in suburban Milwaukee.

Tegin Teich* is a program assistant with the Center for Women and Enterprise in Boston, Massachusetts.  She recently graduated from Boston University with a degree in anthropology.  E-mail:tteich@cweboston.org

TeichAG, at the head of the Teich Group, is a multinational corporation based in Austria and employing more than 1,500 people.  It supplies all kinds of flexible packaging but does not seem to include anyone named Teich in its top management.

Teich Corporation in Osaka, Japan, deals in used photocopying equipment.  Managing director is Yoshukata Ito.  (Note:  Full display of this site requires a Japanese character set on your browser.) E-mail: teichcop@mbox2.inet-osaka.or.jp

Teich family tree on Myfamily.com. (Requires free registration.)

Teich Garden Systems of South Salem, New York (Westchester County), “custom designs and installs state-of-the-art animal-resistant outdoor sustainable garden systems for gardeners of all ages.”

Thea Teich.*  Owner and Principal of Teich Technical and Marketing Communications.  She is currently 2nd vice president of the Society for Technical Communication and will be president of the Society starting in July 2003.  E-mail:  Thea@TeichTMC.com

Thomas Teich* is a self-taught landscape photographer whose work includes a primary focus on the Hudson River, Catskill Mountain and Adirondack regions.  His current home and studio are located in Freehold, New York. E-mail: info@ThomasTeich.com

Timm H. Teich. Cooperating Guest, High Voltage Laboratory, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich.

Tobias Teich* is in the Economics Department at the Chemnitz University of Technology in Germany. E-mail:  tobias.teich@wirtschaft.tu-chemnitz.de

Dr. Ulrich Teich. Senior Partner in a German law firm specializing in trade with China. 
E-mail: 101333.772@compuserve.com

Wally Teich, an engineer and graduate of Georgia Tech, is the founder of All-Island Elevator on Hampton Bays, Long Island, New York.  He is married to Edna Teich and is the father of Seth, Jonathan, and Dan Teich.

Walt Teich is a charter member of the KROS (1340 AM Stereo radio station) Hall of Fame in Clinton, Iowa.

Wesley W. Teich is a consultant in microwave engineering and formely director of Raytheon's new products center in Burlington Massachusetts.  E-mail: wesleyteich@bellsouth.net

William Teich is described as head of the U.S. Office of Labor Racketeering in Miami on a web site devoted to investigating misdeeds of the Bush family. (Use the "Find in page" function to locate the citation.)  The reliability of this citation is questionable, however, as the same quotation can be foundelsewhere on the web attributed to "Robert Teich, the head of the Drug Enforcement Administration's Office on Labor Racketeering in Miami."

Zachary Teich, an American diplomat, is quoted on aSomaliweb site, saying "Waxaan u aragnaashirkaa…" Zachary, deputy director of East African affairs at the U.S. State Department led a team to Somalia to discuss the war on terrorism and the situation in Somalia in April 2002. 

Twenty-two Teichs are listed in a database of Austrian Jews who fell victim to the Holocaust.  Enter "Teich" in the box for Last Name on the site to see their names, birth dates, and other information about their sad fates.


News Flash:  According to PlacesNamed.com,Teich is the 31,021st most popular last name (surname) in the United States.