I am a serious amateur photographer, a foodie, a fitness enthusiast, and a frequent traveler. This site includes a selection of my photos. Many more can be found on the photo-sharing site, Pbase. I am former chairman of the Photography Committee at the National Press Club. Some of my photos hang on the Club's walls and many are on line on the Club's web site (including such well-known subjects such as Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, Danica Patrick, Ben Bernanke, Ben Carson, and Sesame Street's Grover), as well as on the stock photo site, Shutterstock, where you can buy and download royalty-free copies of more than 1000 of my images. I've also developed a technique for creating unique black and white images using a kaleidoscope and had several shows of these prints.

Alternative energy and electric cars are among my other interests. I drive a Tesla Model 3 . Electricity for it and for most of our other needs is supplied by the solar panels on our roof.

My wife, Jill Pace, and I organized many symposia on food and cooking at AAAS Annual Meetings and, more recently, at the Euroscience Open Forums (ESOF). And while I was at AAAS, we arranged and hosted gourmet dinners for the science policy community at AAAS meetings for nearly 20 years. 

Jill is executive director of the American College of Real Estate Lawyers as well as an accomplished quilter. Some of her work can be found in a gallery on Pbase.   Finally, I am the father of three grown children:  Mitch, Executive Producer of the daily radio magazine program "Lake Effect" on WUWM in Milwaukee, WI; Ken, who is with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in Ohio; and Samantha, a calligrapher, calligraphy instructor, designer, and photographer. She does beautiful calligraphy on everything from denim to roses to glass -- as well as on paper, of course. Some of her work can be found on her stylish web site, as well as on Instagram (@samteich). I also have four rapidly growing grandchildren:  Calvin, Madelyn, Sylvi, and Charlie, whose pictures can be found in my Pbase family gallery.  Finally, our dog Kona, a mini-goldendoodle (poodle-golden retriever mix) who sadly passed away in 2017, was an important part of our lives for 14 years and is probably the most photographed member of the family. He has his own gallery on Pbase