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Wendell Berry
Chapter 5.  Why I am Not Going to Buy a Computer
Wendell Berry Wendell Berry is a former professor of English at the University of Kentucky and the author of thirty-two books of essays, poetry and novels. He has worked a farm in Henry County, Kentucky since 1965. He has been a fellow of both the Guggenheim Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation. He has received numerous awards for his work, including an award from the National Institute and Academy of Arts and Letters in 1971, and most recently, the T.S. Eliot Award.


Short profile, descriptions of several of his books, and discussion group at the ECO BOOKS site.

Wendell Berry, "The Agrarian Standard," Orion Magazine (March 2002).

Field Observations: An Interview with Wendell Berry by Jordan Fisher-Smith (on the EnviroArts site; originally published in the Autumn 1993 issue of Orion).

Testament:  A poem by Wendell Berry.

"Rules for a Local Economy" (extract from a 1995 article by Wendell Berry; on the Global Ideas Bank home page).

Profile of Berry by software and systems designer Keith Parkins (June 1999).

"Manifesto:  The Mad Farmer Liberation Front," a poem by Wendell Berry (on the Good Nature Publishing Company web site).

Wendell Berry, "Peaceableness Toward Enemies:  Some Notes on the Gulf War" (1991).  On a site devoted to peace activist Susan Crane.

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Updated December 30, 2002